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365 Photo-A-Day Project

Week 1 - Working with macro & zoom lens

Week 1 - Day 4                                                                       4/365

Today, it's about texture and patterns.   The subject is a dependable,  versatile and essential ingredients in countless recipes.  I used the red variety.  Can you guess what this is?

Patterns & Texture #1 - The Dependable Red Onion

Patterns & Texture #2 - The Dependable Red Onion

365 Photo-A-Day Project

Week 1 - 2/365

Fizzy. vibrant orange slice!

It's been snowing since this morning.  To brighten up my afternoon, I decided to work on this picture.  I had a great time playing with different types of fruits.  Use a clear vase, add some bubbly water and a slice of your favorite fruit - voila - you got this picture!