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Danny + Crizelle

Destination Wedding

Cancun, Mexico

Danny and Crizelle are married! They celebrated their big day at Gran Caribe Resort in Cancun, Mexico.  What a beautiful wedding ceremony they have had.  The ceremony was held at Our Lady Of Guadalupe Chapel.  

Danny and Crizelle, I can't tell you how much I loved documenting your wedding day. Thank you for letting me be a part of all the wonderful memories created on that day.

Their love story.... 

 "Daniel (Danny) and I first met in Science Academy of South Texas were we attended high school. Even though we originally had different social circles - he with the football "jocks-nerds" and me with "the math-art nerds" - we eventually became good friends when I started riding the same school bus as him. We spent our 45 minute commute to-and-from school chatting, joking around, catching up on homework and last minute exam prep, and sometimes just catching up on sleep. As our friendship developed, so did our feelings for each other to the point of being Junior-year Renaissance dance partners and Senior-year prom dates. However as high school days came to an end, we parted ways to pursue our degrees in different universities. Between UT Arlington and UT Austin, we tried to keep in contact with each other often via phone calls. At the beginning of college, my roommate at that time was nice enough to invite me on a weekend trip to the Texas fair in Dallas. There I saw Danny again and had a chance to reconnect with him. However after that weekend, the pressures of first set of college midterms, new friendships, and social events became so overwhelming that I ended up ceasing any conversations with him. As the first year of college finished, I realized the fast-paced lifestyle in Austin was not for me and decided to transfer to UT Arlington. I did not contact Danny out of fear that he was still mad or upset that I did not put more effort in our long-distance relationship.
In a crazy chance of fate , we ended signing up for the same Macro-Economics class. I still remember freezing as soon as the professor called out his full name and I heard a familiar voice a few rows behind me. I kept my head forward and did not look back. After class ended, I kept my head low trying to walk out of the room as discrete as possible, but I heard "Hello Crizelle" which made me instinctively look up. As I looked at Danny's face, I saw not anger nor frustration, but happiness and excitement. Then and there, I realized how sweet and special this man was. Regardless of the emotional pain I caused him the past year, he had a genuine smile of seeing me. After that surprise meet, we slowly re-started our friendship then eventually decided to date again on November 21, 2008. Since then, we have been inseparable. Every moment I share with him is memorable; good and sometimes not so good. Nonetheless, Danny is not only my best friend, my future, the love-of-my-life; But he is one of the biggest blessings that I have."