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365 Photo-A-Day Project

I have been thinking of doing a 365 photo challenge since last year. I decided that this year, I'm going to do it.  What is a 365 Photo Project? It is simply where you set yourself a goal of taking at least one photo, every single day, for an entire year.  This project will provide fantastic opportunity to explore and learn different skills.  I will be working on a weekly theme - most of the time.  I added another challenge, that is to do my bible in a year reading plan first before reaching out for my camera.  So, come and follow me on my journey.


Week 1 - Working with  macro and zoom lens


Week 1 - Day 3       Water & Oil Droplets Abstract        3/365                                                                          

Water & Oil Droplets Abstract #1                                                                   3/365

For this photo, I used 3 different types of oil - olive oil, sesame oil and vegetable oil.  Since the oil movement changes so rapidly, I have to move fast to capture the formation I want.  

Water & Oil Droplets Abstract #2


Water and Oil Abstract #3